SSWIFT is an online financial technology platform for supply chain. We build win-win collaborative models by improving financial flexibility through dynamic discounting to help buyers obtain profits from accounts payables and solve the financing difficulties of suppliers.

Operational Advantages

Transparent operation and settlement process
Suppliers can perform full status tracking for receivables
Reduce labor costs and promote supply chain efficiency through online

Improve the supply chain relationships

User-friendly collaborative platform to facilitate communication between buyers and suppliers
Solve funding pain points of suppliers and optimize supply chain ecosystem

Financial advantages

Improve buyers’ profit margin
Enhance suppliers’ cash flow flexibility
Efficient financial management between HQ and subsidiaries

SSWIFT is a supply chain financial solutions expert focused on Asian and Greater China markets, using Internet technology and in-depth professional supply chain knowledge to provide buyers and suppliers with a win-win solution. Our founders and core teams have an average of more than 12 years of professional experience in the finance and technology industries.

Financing difficulties have always been a problem for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially in Asia and China, payment terms is on average 1.5x-2x longer than other parts of the world, which makes them have to seek capital turnover from traditional banks and other financing channels, while undertaking high financing cost and uncertainty.

SSWIFT is committed to helping suppliers get their receivables earlier and revitalizing working capital. Simultaneously, it provides receivables-based investment products to buyers with cash surpluses to increase their investment income and profits. Through SSWIFT, the flow of funds upstream and downstream of the supply chain can form a virtuous cycle, which will bring sustainable and significant benefits to all parties in the long run.