Solve supplier's fund problem by early payments
Obtain extra profit based on payables
Improve supply chain relationship and promote healthy supply chain ecosystem
Reduce suppliers chase calls


Benefit business development by receiving early payment
Low cost and highly efficient financing option
Track receivables status real-time
Safe and Stable
  • * Microservice
  • * dimension-reduction programme support
  • * Comprehensive cloud protection by Microsoft Cloud and Ali Cloud
Flexible supply chain financial solutions
  • * Support public, hybrid, and privatized deployments
  • * Strong delivery capability
  • * Customized solutions to meet the needs of different industries
Support multiple clients
  • * Responsive Web
  • * WeChat Mini Program
Enterprise core system integration support
  • * Open API interface
  • * Embed in different business scenarios
Efficient and timely technical support
  • * Professional post-sales engineer support
  • * Regular system upgrade